Diversity Matters

Walk the Middle Way is committed to creating classes where all people, regardless of: 

race - ethnicity - gender - age - sexual orientation - religion - disability


Accepted, Safe, and Welcome


Sitting in Circle

Peace Circles - Restorative Circles

Walk the Middle Way's classes are all taught in Circle.  We facilitate this way to honor the values of equality, unity and harmony between all people that are the heritage of both African and Native American traditions, who have experienced historical oppression in the United States. 

Circle-Based Facilitation allows all attendees:

  • To be heard

  • To be seen

  • To feel valued

  • To feel communal strength 


Inclusion - Dave is a long-time advocate for Racial Justice and Restorative Circle-Based Facilitation, and believes all people regardless of race, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation should have access to the transformative practices of meditation and other wellness modalities. 


Creating safe containers - Dave is committed to providing safe, inclusive spaces so that people from all backgrounds, cultures and faiths feel welcome.  It is his goal to continually raise awareness on issues of injustice so that historically marginalized groups such as:

  • People of Color

  • LGBTQ identifying people 

  • Immigrants 

  • Homeless

  • Military veterans

  • Those without financial means

  • Those suffering from mental health disorders

  • Those suffering from physical disabilities

...can live in a society that is more safe, accepting and inclusive for all.

Restorative Practices & Circle-Based Facilitation - Dave's primary small-group facilitation is based on principals of Restorative Justice and Circle-Based practices.  These African and Native American based styles of facilitation allow for greater empathy, deep listening, and for everyone to be fully valued and heard when sitting together.  When we sit in Circle, everyone is treated equally, and everyone has an equal voice. 

Sitting in Circle takes away hierarchical structure - Here, the facilitator is not on a pedestal, but rather is part of the circle, no different than any other person.  We sit in circle to model the physical embodiment that there is no difference between facilitator and participant, that we are all human beings on the same journey together, and find strength in community to help each other grow.

Formal Restorative & Peace-Circle Training:

  • Eastern Mennonite University - Graduate Certificate: Restorative Justice in Education

  • Kay Pranis - Restorative Peace-Circles

  • School-Talk DC - Restorative Circles in District of Columbia Public Schools

Cross-Cultural Communication - Dave has years of experience working in diverse, mixed-race communities, and is passionate about creating containers where authentic, cross-cultural communication can happen between people from different ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. This is achieved by creating time in every class to build authentic relationships and agreements of how to be in community together, which is treated with equal value as any content of learning being facilitated.