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Inclusive Cultures 

We support organizations committed to empowering

historically marginalized peoples, and by doing so,

empower all people regardless of: ​

race  -  ethnicity  -  gender  -  age

sexual orientation  -  religion  -  physical ability

To feel:

Accepted, Safe, and Welcome

We envision organizations as places of belonging, where people:  

  • Feel heard

  • Feel seen

  • Feel valued

  • Feel communal strength  

  • Feel differences are celebrated

  • Feel emotional well-being is a priority

  • Feel leadership embodies a willingness to learn and grow

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Building Equitable Organizations

  • Communal Wisdom - That DEI assessments and change-processes involve collecting feedback and ideas from either all voices, or representatives voices of all levels throughout the organization 

  • Creating DEI Leadership Teams - Which represent every positional rank, are identity-diverse, and empowered with authority to review and change policies and practices with potential to cause harm 

  • Re-Imagining Organizational Values - Creating new values that embrace celebrating differences, empowering diversity of thought, honor authenticity, and reward people for speaking up​​

  • Redesigning policy - Assessing current policies and practices (hiring, pay, decision-making, etc.) that may cause exclusion or unfair treatment, and redesigning them through a lens of equity & inclusion

  • Diversifying Hiring & Promotion - Building inclusive practices into hiring interviews, creating equal paths of promotion, new outreach positions to build relationships with underrepresented communities 

  • Inclusive Facilitation Training - Training all levels of staff in equitable facilitation practices that empower, welcome and include voices

  • Empowering Language Identifying microaggressions and language that is exclusionary or causes harm to marginalized populations, and creating language that embodies cultural awareness and inclusion

  • Community Building - People are vibrant, multi-faceted and unique, not numbers or cogs in a machine.  We help create spaces where people can connect on a human level and cultivate greater empathy

  • Honoring Well-Being - Cultivating a way of being, programs and policies that uphold the well-being of people's mental and physical health, and support people facing challenging life events

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Building Equitable Organizations
Appreciative Inquiry
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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciate Inquiry is an internationally recognized change process that integrates Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Collaborative Design to create growth. 


AI is based on the foundation that change is most effectively reached by affirming present strengths, invoking inspiration and possibility, and collectively generating new ideas. Voices from all levels of a community or organization partake in a five step process that is inherently: ​

  • Creative

  • Collaborative 

  • Generative

  • Inclusive 

  • Strength-Based 


1.  Definition - Clarifying, Focusing, Framing - "What are the right questions to guide us?" - Knowing that language impacts process, great intention is given to select positive, strength-based, affirming questions and topics that becomes the guiding catalyst for growth.  

2.  Discovery - Appreciating - "What gives life?" - Teams identify and build on the positive core already present.  High points of excellence are recognized and celebrated, and stories of strengths, values, and inspiration are collected and shared.

3.  Dream - Envisioning - "What could be?" - A communal vision of a new future is imagined through a lens of possibility, so that creativity, hope and passion guide the process. Teams generate new life-giving images that unify the shared aspirations of a future to build towards.  

4.  Design - Co-Creating - "What should be?" - New possibility statements are created that galvanize teams around a specific, agreed on vision.  Teams innovate together to determine the best values, systems & structures that allow the aspired future to become a reality.

5.  Destiny - Delivering & Sustaining - "What will be?" - Building on this newfound purpose, teams initiate open-space dialog to align strengths and commitments to begin the change process.  A phase of learning, growth and improvisation evolves as the new vision is embedded.  

Circle Facilitation Training

Coming soon!

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Circle Facilitation Training
Restorative Practices & Dialog
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Restorative Practices & Dialog

Coming soon!

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