Classes & Workshops


Adult Classes

   & Workshops

Participants will learn the practice, tradition, and philosophy of Mindfulness.  Equal emphasis is placed on Relational Mindfulness (deep listening, mindful speech, how we are with each other), Applied Mindfulness (application at home, work, and recreational settings), and Compassion Practices, in addition to formal meditation practice.

All classes include:

  • Circle-based facilitation

  • Mindfulness practice (silent)

  • Moving mindfulness (Tai Chi, Qigong)

  • Compassion & Gratitude meditation

  • Self-Inquiry meditation

  • Group shares & discussion

  • Storytelling

  • Neuroscience

Walk the Middle Way classes are facilitated in Circle, and designed to build trust, community, and to cultivate acceptance, curiosity, and the courage to speak your truth.


Young Adults

& Teens

Young Adults (18-24) - Teens (14-18)

All young people deserve a place where they can feel heard, valued, and fully embraced and accepted for who they are. 


Our youth are facing more stress, overwhelm, and constant stimulation than in any previous era.  Walk the Middle Way mindfulness classes create a safe haven where young people can join a supportive community of youth-practitioners dedicated to getting curious about the challenges they face, and cultivating an inner stillness to help navigate the many emotions young people experience. 

Youth Mindfulness Classes, in addition to formal mindfulness practice, create spaces for young people to share intimately, and to walk a journey of self-discovery around their core values, and how they want to show up in the world.  Special circle-classes are also offered for Youth Leadership, and bringing together youth of different races, ethnicities and sexual orientations together for Cross-Cultural Dialog.



& Educators

Walk the Middle Way believes schools, the youth who attend them, and the educators who serve them, are our most precious institutions. 


We support a vision that schools should not only be places of academic learning, but communities that help cultivate the heart, inspire young people, and have a standard of well-being that serves to protect the minds and bodies of all who attend. 

Our school-based programs fuse together Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Community-Building Circles, and Social-Emotional Learning that aim to empower all six foundational wings of every school community:

  • Students

  • Educators

  • Mental Health Practitioners

  • School Leadership

  • Support Staff

  • Parents

Our hope is to empower educators and students with practices to become more aware of their emotions, body sensations, and communication, that are couched in compassionate and sustainable circle-facilitation that help schools flourish as a community of learning.  All mindfulness and restorative programs are designed to create positive, supportive, and nurturing relationships between all adults and young people in schools.    


Organizational  Wellness

We believe that people deserve to be treated like human beings in organizations and workplaces. 


Our mindfulness & wellness classes help shift a workplace culture to one that values employee health & wellness, self-care, and creating space and breathing room to help your staff process and release the emotions that build up from increasingly high day-to-day demands.

Walk the Middle Way is committed to facilitating workshops and classes that allow employees to feel fully embraced, empowered, and valued in the full spectrum of their humanity, rather than being treated like a number or a statistic that exists only to meet a bottom line.  

All organizational mindfulness classes include:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness (class-series)

  • Applied Mindfulness - How to incorporate mindfulness skills throughout the work-day

  • Relational Mindfulness - How to deepen listening, communication and awareness

  • Self-Care & Compassion - Cultivating greater kindness towards self and colleagues