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Adult Classes
   & Workshops

Walk the Middle Way classes are facilitated in Circle, embodying Restorative Practices designed to cultivate acceptance, curiosity, and courage to speak your truth.

Participants have the unique experience of learning and practicing mindfulness fully integrated with community building.  By the end of a series people experience genuine connection through sharing joys and challenges, honoring similarities, celebrating our differences, and feeling a profound sense of empathy.


In addition to formal meditation, emphasis is given to relational mindfulness (deep listening, mindful speech, how we are together), applied mindfulness (mindful pausing, awareness throughout the day), and compassion practice (for ourselves and others).

All classes include:​

  • Mindfulness practice 

  • Mindful Movement (Tai Chi, Qigong)

  • Mindful Listening (group shares & dialog)

  • Self-Inquiry & Reflection 

  • Storytelling & Neuroscience

Mindfulness Mentoring


The journey of mindfulness is profound.  We learn to create a more honest and intimate relationship with ourselves and others.  It means accepting ourselves fully, embracing sides of us we find challenging to love.  It cultivates the courage to face habits that no longer serve us, and having strength to let them go. 

Mindfulness allows us to live with greater authenticity, so we can show up each day embodying the values that resonate most deeply with us. It asks us to be more compassionate and patient with ourselves, so that we can bring our best self to others.      

Having practiced mindfulness for over 20 years, it's my deep honor to provide guidance, support, and a warm presence for those who seek to walk this journey.  I take great joy in mentoring people new to mindfulness, as well as those who seek to deepen their practice.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Every person deserves a welcoming space to share their story, and explore how to cultivate greater wellness and life goals.  It's my hope for people to live with greater fulfillment, authenticity, and courage.

All sessions allow time for deep listening and sharing, and guiding clients through a strength-based design process. We work together to identify wellness goals and growth-areas, and co-create a roadmap that is realistic, actionable, and that embraces your unique strengths.


Various mind-body modalities are used to support your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Mindfulness   -   Guided Imagery   -   NLP

Positive Psychology  -  Tai-Chi / Qigong   -   Self-Inquiry

Learn to Cultivate:

  • Acceptance

  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Joy

  • Self-Agency

Learn to Navigate:

  • Stress

  • Low self-esteem

  • Anger

  • Fear

  • Sadness 

Circle - Diverse.jpg

& Colleges

American University - Students deserve a place where they can feel heard, valued, and accepted amidst the enormous amount of stresses and pressures of work, academic life, and relationships being experienced.


We are proud to offer, through the AU departments of Public Health and Education, 15-week, semester long, 3-credit courses taught every Fall and Spring:

  • Mindfulness: Cultivating Wellness, Resilience, and Compassion


This unique course integrates:

  • Mindfulness Practices - Formal, Applied, Relational practices are taught, couched within 10 Mindfulness Values as the foundation for all practices 

  • Self-Discovery - Students use a coaching model for positive growth to discover how they wish to show up in the world and navigate challenges faced

  • Community Building - Classes are taught with Circle Facilitation and Restorative Practices, creating an intimate, experiential learning community

  • Inclusion & Equity - Practices of inclusion are directly integrated into all aspects of mindfulness practice, and how we are together in a community of learning

  • Secular with Buddhist roots - Classes are fully secular, but Buddhist origins are honored by having students learn their influences on modern practice.


Students have shared this course is a transformative experience, with the opportunity to learn skills that have a deep and lasting impact on their lives, and forming deep community with classmates in a way rarely experienced.

Universities & Colleges

& Educators

Schools are our most precious institutions.  Our vision is to redefine education as communities that cultivate the heart, foster curiosity, inspire possibility, and raise the standard of well-being and inclusion so students of all backgrounds feel welcome and safe.    

We design whole-school programs tailored to school’s unique needs, and empower every wing of a school community.  Our strength-based programs channel the collective wisdom of educators to be leaders and changemakers who create positive, nurturing relationships with youth that allow them to flourish. 


All trainings integrate:

  • Mindfulness

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Community Building Circles

  • Restorative Practices

Schools (K-12) & Educators
Organizational Wellness

Organizational  Wellness

We believe that people in organizations deserve to be treated with with dignity, equity, and valued for the full spectrum of their humanity.


Our mindfulness & wellness classes help shift workplace cultures to value well-being, cultivate practices of self-care, and create spaces for staff to process and release emotions that build up from day-to-day demands.

All organizational mindfulness programs include:

  • Intro to Mindfulness - Class-series integrating mindfulness practice & team-building 

  • Applied Mindfulness - Cultivating daily mindfulness skills for individuals, teams, meetings

  • Mindfulness Community Circles - Circle-Facilitation training to sustain mindfulness with fidelity

  • Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

    • Mindfulness - Deepening practice for staff 

    • Wellness - Wellness, Self-Care, Life Coaching

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