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A lineage of wisdom:

Seven Foundations of storytelling

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Your Voice


  • What inspires you?...and how to inspire others

  • Which stories move you?...and how to touch hearts of others 

  • What are your vocal strengths, and range of tone and styles?

  • What is the story you wish to craft and share with the world?

Discovering Your Voice



  • Foundations of psychology that engage audiences 

  • Styles of storytelling that engage listeners

  • Inviting your audience to take a journey with you

  • Creating compelling stories that connect with the room

Creating Engagment
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Storytelling Structure

How to...  

  • Design engaging narrative arcs for your stories 

  • Build towards dramatic high points and climaxes 

  • Create patterns of building suspense and releasing tension

  • Craft intentional space for improvisation and tone shifts

  • Construct story-beats to meet your goals of inspiring, empathizing, evoking feeling, educating, influencing 

Storytelling Structure

Speaking from the heart

Learn to...

  • Access wisdom of the heart as your story foundation

  • Share vulnerably & speak your truth​

  • Identify performative tendencies that create blocks 

  • Express your stories in a natural and organic tone​​

  • Cultivate stories that resonate with your values 

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Speaking from the Heart
Afr. American - Heart-Gratitude.jpg

Speaking With Presence & Poise


  • Stage Presence - Embodying confidence in body and voice 

  • Body Language - That evokes the full spectrum of emotions 

  • Pausing & Silence - The most powerful storytelling skills

  • Movement & Stillness - To increase energy and curiosity 

  • Voice Projection & Tone - Giving your words meaning

  • Belief - That your life wisdom can inspire and impact lives

Speaking With Presence & Poise

Evoking Wonder


  • Hope & Possibility - Painting a vision of what can be 

  • Inspiration - Sparking desire for people to embody their wisest selves

  • Meaning & Purpose - Stories that inspire living a fulfilling life 

  • Positive Psychology - Benefits of integrating into storytelling

  • Wonder - Tapping into imagination, creativity and play

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Evoking Wonder
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honoring the Storytelling Lineage

Honoring storytelling as a tradition of...

  • Celebrating Differences - Sharing our unique paths brings us closer together  

  • Empathy - Cultivating the skill to open our hearts to the experiences of other ages, genders, ethnicities and faiths 

  • Humanity - We all have an innate need to share & feel heard 

  • Humbleness - A sense of dignity and respect for all stories

  • Learning - We listen to learn from the experiences of others

  • Wisdom - Every person, regardless of age and circumstance, has something to offer

Honoring the Storytlling Lineage
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